Three wise men

5th April 2022

The universe has a way of staging events in your life, often composed and timed within a short period to teach you meanings. Call the…

Dare, but do be aware.

21st March 2022

I loved adventures, even slightly dangerous ones. As a teenager, I tried to pinch a hippopotamus, climbing and leaning over the fence at Mysore Zoo,…

Tennis it is

Tennis, it is.

7th February 2022

Back hand, Ace, Love, drop, winner, unforced error, rally….With such words built into it, is it any wonder writers fall in love with this sport?…

Hampi is the Pride of my home state Karnataka and a world heritage site. Hampi was so prosperous under the Vijaynagar empire that Italian and Persian traders placed it a couple of notches above medieval Rome.

Helping our helpers.

8th October 2021

Unless there is an important story worth the coverage, domestic workers are seldom discussed in our country. Yet, it is estimated that there are over twenty million domestic workers in India. The work includes tasks such as cleaning the house, cooking, washing, ironing clothes, taking care of the children or elderly or sick members of the family, gardening and guarding the house.

Tiger Balm

24th September 2021

I had a rare aura and God-given gift that made wild Tigers go into hiding the moment they came within a mile’s radius. I was basically a tiger repellent.