24th March 2023 / Reviews

FINALIST position of the Hearten Book Awards

My first book Inner Trek, A reluctant pilgrim in the Himalayas, has advanced to the FINALIST position of the Hearten Book Awards for Uplifting and Inspiring Non-Fiction, a division of the 2021 Chanticleer International Book Awards (the CIBAs)!
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21st September 2022 / Reviews

Chanticleer Book Reviews

Every line in this travelogue runs truer than any ornate prose could, creating a well-layered and tightly braided portrait. Some…
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30th July 2022 / Reviews

Reviews at amazon

61 reviews and 4.5/5 rating
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29th July 2022 / Reviews

Goodreads reviews

Currently our book “INNER TREK – a reluctant pilgrim in the Himalayas” has got 58 reviews and 4.48 rating in…
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4th January 2022 / Reviews


Right at the beginning, we see that the author is troubled by some land mafia for acquiring his land in…
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