Our ancient scientists.


Last week I saw the movie, #Oppenheimer. Though the movie is intense and illustrious, Gita’s inappropriate placement in the movie notwithstanding(I keep #BhagavatGita always in the Puja room).I was disappointed that it is missing the bigger picture of a higher meaning behind #science, warfare, or politics. But my fascination with the sophistication of our ancient #Upanishads scripture was rekindled and reinforced.

The 19th-century German philosopher, #Schopenhauer, wrote, “There is no study in the whole world as beneficial and so advanced as the Upanishads. It is the consolation of my life; it will be the consolation of my death.”

The fathers of Quantum Physics dug into Vedanta Philosophy. They discovered that the Vedanta concept of Brahman was, metaphysically, consistent with their experiments. Heisenberg reportedly observed, “Vedanta teaches that attention is singular. All happenings are performed.”
Schrödinger compared Vedanta with wave mechanics and found that both wave mechanics and Vedanta reflect the idea of unity and interconnectedness in the universe. In #waveMechanics, waves are considered fundamental entities that propagate and interact, forming a unified field of energy, and it is only observation that collapses them and creates definitive matter. Similarly, #Vedanta postulates the concept of #Brahman, the ultimate reality believed to permeate everything, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all beings.

Our great #Rishis(sages) were ancient scientists and researchers on mind and matter, the heavenly bodies and their origins, the universe, and the role of consciousness in its working. With their intellect as their beakers, their observations as their test tubes, their senses as their instruments, and the external objects as their inputs, they comprehended the inner and the outer world at work. Their knowledge of many sciences, like mathematics, geometry, astrology, astronomy, and physics, was immense. Without modern instrumentation, they discovered more things about this universe than what was found in the nineteenth century by Western scientists. They knew that the earth went around the sun and that we lived in an expanding universe. They hypothesized that matter is only energy in motion. They calculated the distance between stars and planets and could foretell the coming of the different comets.

They went beyond their senses by shutting their minds off through their de-minding routines and allowing their brain to perceive revelatory vibrations during deep meditation. They let their unconditioned states of mind absorb these cosmic vibrations and deciphered them in hymns- Vedas.

“It seems to us, and to all who care to know, that the conclusions of modern science are the very conclusions the Vedanta reached ages ago; only, in modern science, they are written in the language of matter,” declared Swami #Vivekananda in 1900.

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