Corona, divided we stand

Corona Virus

While we are told to get out and help victims of earthquakes and fires, we are now being told to stay away from victims carrying the new common enemy to Humankind, CORONA virus.
“Stay away from people” we are advised. “Distance yourself socially”.

While some people may be more susceptible to becoming seriously ill with the coronavirus than others, none of us is immune to the pervading sense of anxiety that has taken hold around the world.

The coronavirus is here for real. Mass panic is also here.

A doctor friend of mine put things in the right perspective at the tennis court this morning;
Trust your bodies. Our greatest asset lies in our own bodies. We may not understand how to best protect ourselves, but our bodies are experts at managing newer immune challenges. They will manage the risk as effectively as they only can.

Ultimately, our best chance at surviving this Virus relies on eating well, exercising, managing our chronic illnesses if any and getting enough sleep and through hand-washing and isolation where appropriate.
Get up at early, get out and get plenty of early morning sun rays.
He said that he is more concerned about peoples’ behaviours and their” fight for yourself above all else” attitude which could prove disastrous.

The loss of reason and wave of fear has spiralled into a global panic resulting in stockpiling obscene quantities of anything that could fill a shelter adequately in an apocalypse.

“Nothing brings mankind closer together than a common enemy’ said a wise man once. This new-found common enemy called Corona (so named since the Virus resembles a crown and Corona is the Latin word for crown) is smart and wily. It is bringing the world together against a common enemy, but it also separates us by thrusting upon us social distancing, dissension among nations and a possible economic meltdown.

There is always a silver lining as they say and it is time to see if we can take any positives from this new Pandemic that has shocked the world.

The first thing is that by its impartiality, it is making people, rich or famous, powerful or influential equally scared and anxious. By not discriminating, Corona Virus is teaching humankind that are all the same vulnerable individuals, irrespective of our caste, colour, wealth or nationality. While some of us may be less vulnerable, the Virus itself is totally impartial in choosing its hosts.

The second takeaway is that by thrusting social distancing upon us, it is forcing us to enjoy solitude and familial bonding. People will learn to start appreciating their homes and their families.

The third positive is that Corona Virus has forced many individuals to seriously question broader existential issues, the meaning and value of their possessions and to re-consider their life purpose.

The fourth positive is that Corona Virus will force leaders and politicians to change by heeding its lessons. They will stop playing politics and offer ideas for coping and preventing future outbreaks.

So now, please sit back, relax and crack open a Corona beer.


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