Maid in the lower world.

The grilled shrimps were exquisite, and I got up to get another serving at a 5 Star hotel in Bangalore last month. In walked four women with three toddlers holding their hands. Three Ayahs carrying the children’s toys followed their employers. The servant-ing employers dressed stylishly, had expensive branded handbags, and wore large dark glasses.…

Spiti, Himalayas

See God in Her Wonders One thing that melts your physical self-image and ego to a tiny nothingness at once is the sight of natural wonders. Natural wonders make no sense to a rational mind as far as its ‘why’ is concerned, even though science has a ready explanation for its’ how.’ One such place…

Women were the unsung entrepreneurs behind successful businesspeople

In the patriarchal era of the 20th century, business historians ignored women and their contributions to the commercial successes of their entrepreneur husbands or fathers, undermining their roles in family businesses. Here are three cases of the role of women in our family business.  1)My grandmother Laxmi. During the initial years of my father’s enterprise, my…

Three timeless lessons for start-ups

Intellectual capital No books or information were available on the Agarbathy industry that required perfumery knowledge. Most Agarbathies manufacturers counted only on forest produce and natural oils and knew nothing about Aromatic chemicals. Every manufacturer had kept the process a secret and would not share it with outsiders. Even though there was a huge custom duty…


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