a spiritual Himalayan Journey

Mohan in front Mt. Kailash

Inner Trek begins inauspiciously: an Indian land mafioso threatens Mohan’s life unless he gives up a piece of land whose value had increased more than tenfold in the 20 years that had passed since he bought. His wife pleads with the cynical Mohan to pray for a way out. He bows his head more out of respect for his wife than any God.

Events unfold that ultimately set him off on a journey to the Himalayas that winds its way through Nepal to Tibet towards the holy Manasarovar Lake and sacred Himalayan mountain, Kailash. Mohan covers more than just ground on his journey, as he undergoes a spiritual transformation in the mountains that are soaked in ancient history.


my greatest tragedy birthed my greatest growth

Mohan, the youngest of 7 brothers, lives with his whole family—all 6 of his brothers, their wives and children—in a compound in Mysore. Despite a very successful family business, Mohan chooses his independence, no matter how unreliable his life might be. He marries Mamatha and together, they leave the family and set up their own house.

Yogita, age 2

While everything is wonderful in his marriage, Mohan must desperately work to gain his footing with his own business after having decided to fly solo. Instead, his attention is pulled away from his work when his first daughter, Yogita, is born blind and, as he and his wife find out, with extreme developmental delays. His whole life is turned upside down. In order to right his life, Mohan must make drastic changes. As he works his way out of debt, flies around the world to find help for his daughter and heals his relationships with his family, Yogita, his first child is born blind and with arrested cognitive developments. She is also very beautiful, affable, tender, inquisitive, playful and very perceptive about sounds. Parenting her becomes Mohan’s biggest privilege since it transforms him from a power and material seeking individual to a spiritual and devoted family man.

MyOpia is a memoir that teaches us about the resilience and possibility within each one of us, and the treasures that may be earned when we face our obstacles head on.